Dump Trailer

Dump Trailer is one of heavy duty trailer. Also known as dumper or engineering vehicle, a dump trailer is equipped with an automatic dumping device. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, power take-off device, and cargo compartment. In civil engineering, it often operates along with excavators, loaders, and belt conveyors to form production lines for loading, unloading and transporting earthwork, gravel, and loose materials.

Dump trailers have the capability of automatically dumping the material at a certain angle, which significantly saves time and labor, shortens transportation cycle, improves production efficiency, and reduces transportation cost. The carriage can be tilted backward or laterally. The movement of the piston rod can be controlled. Rear heavy duty dump trailers with backward tilting is more common.

  • Length: 8m, 9m, 10m

  • Material: carbon steel

  • Capacity: 30T, 40T, 50T, 60T, 80T, 100T

  • Number of Axles: 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles

  • King Pin: 2″, 3.5″, JOST

  • Tire: 12R22.5, 1100R20, 1200R20

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20 ft 40 ft Container Tipper Trailer

20 ft 40 ft Container Tipper Trailer According to how it is used, it can be separated into two types. One type is heavy-duty and extremely heavy dumper.

3 Axle 50T Side Dump Trailer

3 Axle 50T Side Dump Trailer It is reset and the trailer descends back to its normal horizontal position after unloading, considerably.

3 Axle 80T End Dump Semi Trailer

3 Axle 80T End Dump Semi Trailer Building materials are in greater demand every day. The demand for connected transportation vehicles is also directly influenced at the same time. Additionally, it has caused an explosion of the common 3 axle, 80t rear dump semi trucks for sand and gravel.

3 Axle Dump Trailers

3 Axle Dump Trailers The first is heavy-duty and super-heavy-duty dump trailers for off-highway transportation, which primarily handle transportation activities like moving heavy equipment around big mines and engineering sites and are frequently paired with excavators.

3 Axle Semi End Dump Trailer

3 Axle Semi End Dump Trailer Because of their structure and design, they function effectively and beautifully. This kind of trailer greatly simplifies.

3 Axle Side Dump Trailer

3 Axle Side Dump Trailer In civil engineering, side dump trailers frequently form loading, transportation, and unloading production lines.

30 ft End Dump Trailer

30 ft End Dump Trailer are additionally known as tipping trailers, tipper trailers, and rear dump trailers. Bulky materials are typically transported.

30 ft Side Dump Trailer

30 ft Side Dump Trailer A hydraulic system elevates the cargo box on every side dump trailer so it can tilt to either side of the vehicle.

36 FT Semi End Dump Trailer

36 FT Semi End Dump Trailer For our customers, it is a highly popular kind of semi-trailer. Its scientific structure and design help to save money.

50t 3 Axle End Dump Semi Trailer

50t 3 Axle End Dump Semi Trailer The majority of drivers lack the necessary expertise to raise and unload dump trucks. Book your order Now.

60T Rear Dump Trailer

60T Rear Dump Trailer A semi-trailer train is made up of a main vehicle—typically a tractor truck—connect by a saddle and a semi-trailer. The power take-off (variable speed box), hydraulic pump, lift valve, air control network, limit valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic oil tank, high (low) pressure oil line, etc. are the key components of the hydraulic lifting system of the rear tipping and dumping semi-trailer.

Best Customized Side Dump Semi Trailer

Best Customized Side Dump Semi Trailer We have developed tight bonds of trust with innumerable businesses and business representatives over the years. A brand-new style of semi-trailer dump truck has emerged in China in recent years called the dump semi-trailer. Characteristics of Best
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